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Meet the Founders

Mattia and Parker founded Grinta Equipment LLC in March of 2023. They have been close friends and teammates throughout their entire lives and careers. Their love for the beautiful game is what led to the start of Grinta.

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Why did we start Grinta?

At Grinta, we saw a gap in the market and chose to fill it - and that gap was the need for miniature shin guards for the players who prefer such style. We have loved the game of soccer since we could remember and wanted to help other players who love the game play their best.

Why “Grinta”?

Grinta is an Italian word symbolizing grit, determination, passion and the overall will to succeed. Perfectly encapsulating our brand and message as two young Italian-American entrepreneurs who understand the spirit of soccer. It is not only our brand name, but it also embodies the essence of the players and individuals we aim to serve - those with an indomitable spirit and passion for the game.

Why such tiny shin guards?

Our inspiration to create mini shin guards came from a personal experience and a recognized trend. Growing up, we often saw players neglecting to wear shin guards or improvising with cut-offs or cardboard. Like many others, we turned to the smallest, most affordable options available on the market. We noticed professional players like Jack Grealish, Khvicha Kvaratskhelia, Paulo Dybala, and many others rocking low socks, and we knew there was a market for a stylish, minimalist option. So we came up with the Grinta miniGuard and eventually the miniCarbon.

Our Mission and Identity

We started Grinta to provide an edge to soccer players of all ages by offering them professional-grade, reasonably-priced equipment. At the same time we strive to give our customers a big step to getting to that next level by feeling their best on the pitch.

Mattia Assante di Cupillo

Co-founder Mattia Assante Di Cupillo has played 2 years of college soccer, split between Division III Fairleigh Dickinson University and JUCO Ocean County College. For the Jackson Lions, he plays for their U23 team and the NPSL team.

Parker Nickelsen

Co-founder Parker Nickelsen plays Division II college soccer at Bloomsburg University. He's also a current member of the Jackson Lions U23 team.

Founders and Athletes