Collection: Grinta Miniature Shin Guards

Tired of the big, clunky shin guards that are uncomfortable and always bother you while playing? Here at Grinta we have created the perfect solution with our collection of miniature shin guards: the Grinta miniGuard and the Grinta miniCarbon.

Our tiny shin guards are the perfect solution for players who prefer mobility and total comfort while playing. The miniGuard measures just 8 cm by 5 cm and the minicarbon is slightly bigger at 10 cm by 6.5 cm, meaning that these shin pads are designed to fit nice and snug, allowing you to move freely on the pitch.

Our miniGuards are made out of high-quality thermoplastic and our miniCarbons are made from indestructible carbon fiber. Meaning that these shin guards are both durable and extremely lightweight.

Many players today dislike wearing shin guards as they can cause discomfort. Our product offers customers the sensation that they are not even there. Order yours today and experience the freedom and luxury of our mini design.